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28 Ноября 2016, 00:30, Автор: Такеши Такаси

Diversified and fascinating Uzbekistan

In recent years holiday in Uzbekistan began to enjoy increasing popularity among tourists from many countries. Why? - You ask. There are several explanations to this issue!

Uzbekistan is a sunny and hospitable country. Nature has generously endowed the land with a variety of landscapes: hot deserts, cool turbulent rivers, snow-capped mountains, lifeless steppes, fertile valleys and green oasis.

Саяногорск Инфо - Diversified and fascinating Uzbekistan - f8c907002ec8.jpg

They are in harmony with each other, providing tourism in Uzbekistan. More detailed information on booking tours you may get here. Do you enjoy outdoor activities? In Uzbekistan, you are being waited for exciting hiking, trips by jeep in the desert, fishing, accommodation in yurt camp, skiing and much more.

If you are interested in history, then for you there are tours with visits to the main cities of the Great Silk Road: Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Khiva.

Are you eager to know the local life and culture? Then we shall go to small villages, stay away from the locals, cook together sumalyak, and visit the famous Uzbek wedding and much more interesting!

Саяногорск Инфо - Diversified and fascinating Uzbekistan - fc188bd7ccec.jpg

Generally, Uzbek cuisine is considered one of the most delicious and rich. But the most important thing that the preparation of many dishes is made according to old recipes with usage of special rituals. So do not miss the opportunity to taste the famous pilaf, shashlik, lagman, samsa, khanum and oriental sweets.

On the territory of the country a large number of unique monuments is concentrated. Each keeps its secrets; and is fanned by numerous legends.

Recreation in Uzbekistan is a unique opportunity to touch the ancient history, immerse yourself in the culture, visit the world-famous city squares, madrassahs and learn much new and interesting!

And what about the capital? Excursion in Tashkent is a great opportunity to see in all its glory the solar main city of Uzbekistan. Here are wide avenues, modern buildings, shopping centers and leisure parks coexist with bustling bazaars, mosques and madrassahs in the old part of the city. And if you're lucky enough to see the lush greenery Tashkent in spring or summer, you will understand why this city is called the oasis.

Саяногорск Инфо - Diversified and fascinating Uzbekistan - 3db02ddefcc2.jpg

During the tour in Tashkent you will be able to trace the ancient history of the city through the sights of the Old Town - mausoleums and the complex Hast-Imam, bazaars and neighborhoods, on change which came to the time of construction of the Turkestan general-governorship, then the monumental buildings of the Soviet era, and finally the glittering facades of modern buildings. The nexus of epochs in trips will be Tashkent subway, connecting the old and new towns.

Time spent in Tashkent will allow you to get acquainted with the modern metropolis, which is not devoid of the charm of the east.

During your stay in Uzbekistan, you can learn how the famous Uzbek ceramics, Bukhara carpets, gold embroidery, khan-atlas, Uzbek knives and much more interesting is made. Masters will willingly share with you the secrets of making art.

Саяногорск Инфо - Diversified and fascinating Uzbekistan - 6826615948a0.jpg

Uzbekistan beckons intricate carpets and colorful ceramics. It surprises beaches and skiing. Throw in an excellent mood and good spirits - and a great place to relax is found.

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