2 - Your link will be path to your forum with wap/ added to the end - eg. - if forum is http://www.mobilehell.info/forum/ then your wapalized forum will be http://www.mobilehell.info/forum/wap/

3 - If you want to hide specific forums you may do so by editing the wapconfig.php file by entering the forum ids in "$hide = "0";" replace 0 with the forum ids separated by a comma
eg. - if you wanted to block forum 48 and 50 the line would show "$hide = "48, 50";"

Description -
Read your Invision Power Board 2.0.x on a wap enabled mobile phone (cellphone)

Features -
1 - Read your forum via wap
2 - Abitiy to hide certain forums
3 - Shows Board Statistics on index page
4 - Ability to view posters profile

Compatibility -
1 - Any openwave wap browser (there may be more which have not been tested)
ie - Alcatel One Touch 311
Alcatel One Touch 501
Alcatel One Touch 511
Motorola i80s
Motorola i90c
Motorola Talkabout 191
Motorola Timeport 270c
Motorola Timeport T260
Motorola V200
Motorola V50
Nokia 3285
Samsung SGH-A300
Samsung SGH-A400
Samsung SPH-i300
Samsung SPH-N200
Sanyo C1001SA
Sanyo SCP-4700
Sanyo SCP-6000
Siemens M35
Siemens ME45
Siemens S40
Sony C1002S
Sprint LG TP5200
Casio A3012CA
LG LP9000
Motorola Accompli 008/6288
Motorola Talkabout 192
OKWap i108
Sanyo A3011SA
Siemens S45
Toshiba C5001T
Casio Casio A5302CA
Hitachi SH-P300
LG LX5350
Motorola E360
Motorola V60G
Motorola V70
Philips Fisio 820
Siemens S46
SonyEricsson SonyEricsson A1101S
BenQ S830c
Sharp GX10
Siemens S55
TCL L668
Toshiba A5304T
Alcatel One Touch 701
Audiovox CDM-135
Audiovox CDM-9000
Audiovox CDM-9100
Ericsson R280LX
Hitachi C407H
Kyocera QCP 2035A
Kyocera QCP 3035
LG V111
Mitsubishi T250
Motorola i1000 plus
Motorola i2000 plus
Motorola i50sx
Motorola i85s
Motorola StarTAC 7868W
Motorola T2288
Motorola TimePort P7382i
Motorola TimePort P7389
Motorola TimePort P8767
Motorola V100
Motorola V120c
Motorola V2288
Motorola V60c
Samsung SCH-6100
Samsung SCH-850
Samsung SCH-8500
Samsung UpRoar M100
Sanyo C401SA
Sanyo SCP-4500
Sanyo SCP-5000
Siemens C35i
Siemens S35i
Siemens SL45
Sprint Denso Touchpoint 120
Sprint Denso Touchpoint 2200
Sprint LG TP3000

Extra Stuff -
The link to the wap forum is kinda long to type so it could be made shorter
I like to use this script - http://www.hazardcell.com/Hazard.WAP.Redirection.zip.

However most of you have an index file in your site already this can be overcome by adding the following line to your .htaccess file -

DirectoryIndex default.php index.php index.html

Rename the Spitz.WAP.Redirection.php file in the package you just downloaded to default.php.
Open the file and edit where necessary.
The webserver will automatically go to default.php before and decide if you are browsing from a wap browser or a web browser and direct you to the relevent location.